Which glasses to choose?
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Which glasses to choose?

The wide range of glasses raises the question of how to choose the perfect one, taking into account your own preferences and the drink served. It’s worth learning how to assess their purpose at a glance and choose them consciously — not just in terms of the preferred design. How to use glasses for their intended purpose? How do they differ from each other? What else matters?

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When choosing glasses for drinks, special attention should be paid to their shape. Each element is important when it comes to the functionality of the vessel, that is, the target taste of what is in it. When planning your purchase, it is worth considering what your expectations are.


When purchasing a set of glasses, make sure that:

  • they have a leg — by holding, you do not change the temperature of the contents under the influence of the heat of your hand;
  • narrowing or expanding — this is important from the point of view of the complete release of the aroma or its concentration at the top, at one point;
  • differ in greater or lesser capacity — this depends not only on the target volume of water or cocktail but also on whether additives will fit into the vessel: ice, fruits, herbs, etc.;
  • they have a thick bottom — it protects the ice from melting too quickly and the liquid from warming up in the hand;
  • transparent or opaque, carved, colorful — whether they show the color of the content in all its glory, whether they refract light, whether they have prints, cutters, etc.
  • the glass from which they are made, tempered or not — this must be considered when you want to serve hot drinks in them.
    Thanks to this knowledge, it is easier to decide on a specific model.

Glasses for drinks and water

When choosing glasses for water or drinks, you should consider your preferences and the aesthetics of the dishes. Among the many shapes, sizes, and patterns, there is something for everyone. They can be adapted, for example, to the tableware or to the effect you want to achieve with your table setting.

Personal preferences are also important — someone prefers to drink from low glasses, someone from high ones. Children will love the bright glasses.
When choosing a specific model, it is better to buy 2-3 sets. Thanks to this, both daily and during feasts, there are glasses for water for everyone.

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